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Welcome to the Volunteer Portal.

Here we provide links to the Job Descriptions for all (…well, most, anyway…) of all IEEE SEM officer functions.

If you use the link for a position listed in the table below, it will take you directly to the job description of the office your are looking into.  They are listed below in alphabetical order…. more or less…. Simply click on the title of the office, and it should download the Job Description.

Some jobs may not yet be listed, or you find the message: << Position Description Not Available >>.  If that is your case, contact the organization lead for the position, discuss the functions of the position, and prepare your own job description ‘from scratch’.

NOTE: These job descriptions are ‘fluid’ and change with the experience and advice of each officer.  Be prepared to rewrite/modify your own job description, once you experience and understanding reveals what the position is, and what it requires.  We want to you add your own ‘flavor’ to the growth experience that each job offers.  Hopefully you will help us grow from your own awareness and contribution to the overall goals of IEEE.

If you have abilities with web applications and database management, we need your help.  Please contact k.williams@ieee.org.  Thanks.

Volunteer  Job Descriptions of posted position

Position Descriptions Table 
Academic Relations
Asst Secretary
Asst Treasurer
Automotive relations Liaison
Awards & Recognition
Chair (Committee)
Chair (Geo-Unit)
Chair (Section)
Chair Educational Activities
Chair Industry Relations
Chair Member Development
Chair Student Activities
Chair Technical Activities
Chair-Elect (Section)
Collabratec Coordinator
Conference Chair
Director Finance
Director Membership Functions
Director of Appointments
Director of Elections
PACE Event Coordinator
e-Wavelengths Coordinator
Facebook Page Coordinator
Faculty Counselor
Government Relations
Industrial Liaison
Information Management Coordinator
Mentor (Student Branch)
Nearby Section Liaison
New Member Engagement Coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Secretary (Geo-unit)
Secretary (Section)
Secretary-Elect  (Section)
Student Branch Mentor
Student Representative
Technical Coordinator
Treasurer  (Section)
Treasurer (Geo-Unit)
Treasurer-Elect  (Section)
V-Ch – Elect (Section)
V-Ch (Geo-Unit)
V-Ch (Section)
V-Ch (Geo-Unit/Technical Society)
vTools Coordinator
<< Position Description Not Available >>








































Volunteer activities provide opportunities for skill development in those critical ‘non-technical’ areas that can make or break an engineering career.  In addition, they expand your network, help with team building skills and enhance engagement with other engineers.  We encourage you to review all the opportunities listed in each type, and try ones that suit your volunteer time availability and interest.

Note: If you begin a task and circumstances prevent your fulfilling the requirements, simply notify the contact person so other arrangements may be made.


  • Single Tasks
    • These tasks will only need to be done once. Each task title includes an estimate of how long it will take to accomplish, a target time for completion and a contact person for further information, and notification when the task has been accomplished.
  • Officer Postings

Postings are of two types:  Standing Committees and Geo-units (Affinity Groups, Chapters and Student Branches).  These are long term assignments with links to the associated job descriptions (where one currently exists).

  • Appointments to Standing Committees may be re-appointed, based on the Committee Chair’s assessment of performance.
  • Appointments to fill vacancies in Geo-units may require standing for election at the regular election period for all Geo-units in the Section (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer). Other positions may only require re-appointment by the Geo-unit Chair.

Note: Membership in a specific Geo-unit Technical Society may be required, if the appointment is to a Senior Officer position; i.e. Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.


Information for Officers filling out the position entry form:

Officers link to position entry form Below:

Fill Out Form

  • The first page of the form will ask for the following:
    • E-Mail of Officer filling the form
    • Contact person name, phone number & e-mail
  • The following ‘Drop Down’ listings will ask for the following (information in Org Roster):
    • Related Committee or Geo-unit
    • Task Title (The Task Title will link in the ‘display page’ to the formal Job Description)
  • If this is not an existing position, the form will ask for the following:
    • Task Title
    • Brief Job Description
    • Task Time Estimate
    • Task Target Date
  • If this is a Periodic Reoccurring Tasks
    • Task Title
    • Task Description
    • Estimate Hours / Week
    • Estimate # Meeting / Month

Officers link to position entry form

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