SEM Chapters

SEM Site IEEE Society Site
Young Professionals Young Professionals
SEM – ICN Consultants Network
Chapter 1 Signal Processing Society Circuits & Systems Society
Chapter 2 Vehicular Technology Society
Chapter 3 Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society Communications Society
Chapter 4  (Trident) Antennas & Propagation Society Electron Devices Society Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
Chapter 5 Computer Society
Chapter 6 Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society
Chapter 7 Industry Applications SocietyPower Engineering Society
Chapter 8 Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
Chapter 9 Industrial Electronics SocietyPower Electronics Society
Chapter 10 Technology & Engineering Management Society
Chapter 11 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Chapter 12 Controls Systems Society
Chapter 13 Education Society
Chapter 14 Robotics & Automation Society
Chapter 15  Nuclear Plasma Sciences Society
Chapter 16 Computational Intelligence Society
Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society
Chapter 17 Nano Technology Council

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