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Note: If you are beginning training, we recommend starting with Module # 46: Virtual Training Plan, and follow its recommendations for the training sequence.

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Seq Title (Link) Min:Sec Description
1 Agenda to Minutes Macro 4:45 Convert an agenda to committee minutes with minimal work.
2 Agenda Types 2:22 Use of three types of agendas.
3 Center for Leadership Excellence 1:40 Introducing the Center for Leadership Excellence.
4 Committee Charter 1:26 Functions of a Committee Charter
5 Create a Meeting Notice 12:46 Create a vTools meeting notice for your planned meeting.
6 Effective Presentations PPT Reading How to give effective and powerful presentations.
7 Event Preparation Check List 2:30 Order of things to do for an event.
8 Google Groups 2:44 Communications tools with scheduling flexibility.
9 Hangouts 1:18 Use of Hangouts for Committee Communications
10 IEEE Volunteers Presentation PPT Reading IEEE Volunteers Presentation PPT
11 Intro to vTools 2:18 Introduction to the vTools System
12 Introduction to Google Drive and Use 2:22 Using Google Drive for committee operations.
13 Introduction to ListServ System 1:52 Listserv, its functions and use for communications.
14 L31 and Meeting Search Function 4:10 Search vTools Meetings & L31 Reports.
15 L31 Report as Co-Sponsor 2:29 Create an L31 Report as the co-sponsor of a meeting.
16 L31 Report From Meeting Notice 1:25 Create an L31 Report from a meeting notice.
17 L31 Report From Scratch 6:26 Create an L31 Report from scratch.
18 Leadership Presentation PPT Reading Characteristics of a leader and leadership qualities.
19 ListServ maintenance and associated software tools 7:54 Maintenance of the ListServ and it useful tools.
20 Meeting Schedule Tool 8:06 Determine optimal days & times for committee gatherings.
21 Monitoring a Meeting 1:45 Track registrations in a vTools before a meeting.
22 My Communication Preferences 2:58 Update communications preferences in myIEEE.
23 My IEEE Address 2:27 Update personal profile address in myIEEE.
24 Officer Roster 4:05 Overview of SEM Officer Roster.
25 On-Line Community 1:48 Use of the on-line community for SEM purposes.
26 Plan Do Check Act Sheet for Project Tracking 2:21 Plan Do Check Act sheet for project tracking.
27 Personal Profile Extras 1:39 Update personal profile ‘extras’ in myIEEE.
28 RACI Chart 4:14 Use of a RACI Chart for balancing committee assigmnemts.
29 Registration Sign In Sheets 3:34 Use the vTools to create ‘sign in’ registration pages.
30 Report Officer Changes 3:38 Using vTools to report officer changes in your Geo-unit.
31 Roberts Rules 5:49 Why Roberts Rules are used in IEEE, and how.
32 Secretary Controller of Operations 8:21 Overview of Secretary operations in a committee.
33 Secretary’s Pravane 7:31 Overview of Secretary and implications of their assignment.
34 SEM and Google Calendar Change 5:31 Making changes to the SEM Calendar: CAUTION!!!
35 SEM and Google Calendar Video 3:03 Integrate SEM Web Calendar and Personal Google Calendar.
36 SEM Data Storage & Communication Areas 3:00 Where we store information within SEM.
37 SEM Goals and Objectives 4:43 Goals & Objectives for SEM Section.
38 SEM Organization Chart 2:05 Section Organization Chart
39 SEM Web Intro 7:57 Overview of SEM Website.
40 Soft Sklls for the Workplace PPT Reading Soft Skills needed for a successful engineering career.
41 Student Branch Reporting 2:52 Reporting Student Branch meetings in vTools L31 format.
42 Suggestions for Leading a Committee 11:55 Guidance in leading and working within a committee.
43 Update eMail and Password 1:28 Update personal profile e-mail in myIEEE.
44 Update Opt In Preferences 1:35 Update personal ‘Opt-in’ preferences in myIEEE.
45 Update Personal Profile 1:38 Update general personal profile in myIEEE.
46 Virtual Training Plan 3:14 Overview of plan for training.
47 0:00 Setting up a meeting &  vTools.
48 vTools Conference 1:41 Setting up a WebEx for committee operations.
49 vTools Election Setup 2:51 Setting up a vTools election for your Geo-unit.
50 vTools Elections Voting 1:27 Using the vTools for voting access.
51 vTools Survey 2:52 Using vTools to conduct a survey of members.
52 0:00 Creating a WordPress web page with minimal steps.
53 Web Calendar Training 3:26 Introduction to SEM Web Calendar.
54 Why Should I be an IEEE Volunteer? PPT Reading The benefits of volunteering in a professional organization.
55  Officer Training Plan (PDF) Matrix Staged Plan for Virtual Officer Training
56  SB Mentors Overview 4:32 Overview for Student Branch Mentors
57  SB Documents 3:22 How to find Student Branch related Documents
58  SB ID & Reports 3:45 How to Identify Student Branches & Officers
59  SB & Section Coordination 4:56 Coordination of Communications: SEM & SBs
60  SB Report Examples 3:16 Student Branch Reports – some examples
61  Event and Project Approval Process 2:38 Policy on Project and Event Financial Responsibility
62  Filling out an Expense Report 4:55 How to fill out the IEEE Expense Report Spreadsheet
63  Financial Reimbursement 3:32 Process for applying for Financial Reimbursement
64  Funding Geo-units 4:06  How funding is determined and managed.
65  Introduction to IEEE 6:03 Basic information about IEEE and SEM
66  Time & Life Management 7:46 Organizing and Scheduling for Busy Professionals
67 Finding funding for Geo-unit activities
68  Managing and tracking meeting revenues and expenses
69  Different types of meetings for Geo-units
70  Locating a membership meeting speaker
71  Financial independence for IEEE Geo-units
72  Organizing and running a Geo-unit technical workshop
73 Planning and Controlling meeting finances
74  8_Doodle  Using Doodle to Schedule small meetings
75  Using Google for OUs for Geo-units
76  Collabratec for Geo-unit organization and communication
77 Section Vitality Dashboard  2:50  Introducing the Section Vitality Dashboard
78 vTools eNotice 4:14 2-eNotice (Geo-unit messaging system
79 SEM Officer Action Listing PDF Review of Chair/V-Ch/Secretary/Treasurer duties
80 New Officer Updates in vTools YouTube How to update New Officers in vTools
91 Bacon: Fundamentals of Electricity Flier
92 Bacon: Amateur Radio License Flier
93 Bacon: Safe Soldering and Kit Building Flier
94 CKL: Fundamentals of Electricity Flier
95 CKL: Amateur Radio License Flier
96 CKL: Safe Soldering and Kit Building Flier
97  Fundamentals_0f_Electricity_Notes

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