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August 8, 2020 EXCOM Meeting Minutes

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EMC Fest – New Date:  May 13, 2021

It is now time to nominate candidates for our 2020/2021 elections.
With all the unusual happenings of late, we tend to focus on the immediate demands and concerns of keeping our families alive from day to day, and it is easy to forget that the present has demands from our futures that cannot be postponed.
This years schedule is planned as follows:
• Call for nominations: September 1 – 21 [Use the link below:]
• Completion of Ballots: October 15
• Ballots out for vote: October 17 – 31.
• Compile and reconcile results: November 15
• Report results to the ExCom: December ExCom meeting.
This year we will elect our normal set of officers for all Geo-units (Affinity Groups & Technical Chapters). Those include Chair / Vice-Chair / Secretary / Treasurer for the 2021 year. More details may be found in the September Wavelengths newsletter available on the SEM Website and downloaded directly from:

Executive Committee – Senior Officers:
Using the ‘staggered’ elections for our Senior Officers of the ExCom, this year we will need ballots for:
• Chair-Elect, and
• Vice-Chair-Elect.
The officers in the ‘Elect’ category will have the following year to train for their assumption of office next year, and serve two year terms. Secretary and Treasurer Elect positions will be elected next year.

Please use the link below now to nominate candidates for our Section, and for your Chapter or Affinity Group affilliations:  •

Links to most Job Descriptions may be found on the Volunteer Portal at:

Note: Student Branches and HKN Chapters elect their officers on their individual schedules independently on their own. We recommend these be held in the spring term so they will be able to begin Branch operations immediately upon their return to school in the fall, after their summer break.
Stay safe and be well!

David Mindham
Southeastern Michigan Section Chair

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