When Feedback Makes You Mad by Dan Rockwell You just received feedback that made you mad. You feel attacked, misjudged, and underappreciated. The person who gave you feedback is obviously an idiot. You begin typing your resignation email. Before you hit send… 5D’s when feedback makes you mad: #1. Delay. When you feel attacked adrenaline rushes in… Read more

SEM Officer Training

New Officers – IEEE SEM Section: Several officers have recently approached me with ‘how to’ questions that lead me to believe that I have not sent the enclosed message to each of our new officers, or that some have yet to actually work through the on-line training modules.  If so, consider this your notice, and my plea… Read more

Best Practices: Running a Committee

Some Suggestions on Running an IEEE Unit: (Chapter / Affinity Group / Student Branch / Standing or Ad Hoc Committee):  The following is intended as a set of suggestions to assist a volunteer who may have just been assigned as an officer of a Committee / Affinity Group / Chapter / Student Branch (here after… Read more

Policy, Procedures, Manager, Administrator, Leader:

Some confusion seems to exist with respect to several terms we often see used to refer to both the governance documents used to guide and control an organization and the functional positions of a manager, an administrator and a leader.  This paper will discuss the relevance of the terms, and their place in creating an… Read more

How to Think Like a Leader:

How to Think Like a Leader: By Jack and Suzy Welch Too often, people who are promoted to their first leadership position miss the point. And that failure probably trips up careers more than any other reason. Being a leader changes everything. Before you are a leader, success is all about you. It’s about your… Read more

IEEE Governance and Roberts’ Rules of Order

  IEEE Governance and Roberts’ Rules of Order IEEE Governance and Roberts’ Rules of Order:  Within IEEE, actions that result in decisions at the Committee level are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.  For a complete introduction to this topic, I recommend the book: “21st Century Robert’s Rules of Order” by Henry Martyn Robert For… Read more