Documentary Night: Wernher Von Braun


Wernher Von Braun is born. He was German-born American aerospace engineer and space architect, and initially worked in Nazi Germany's rocket development program as a young man. After World War II, he moved to the United States where he became a pioneer of rocket and space technology in the nation. In his later career, he became director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center. AFTER the documentary - we can have a brief discussion session. NOTE: You must supply your own soda pop and popcorn! :-) Trivia may also follow, so bring your Jeopardy hats too! Agenda: 5:00 PM - Welcome and Introductions, Chapter business update; (on your own) Pizza, Popcorn and Soda Pop 5:05 PM - Documentary 6:05 PM - End of Documentary; Start of Q & A; Group Discussion 6:15 PM - Wrap Up ALL times are in EST/EDT (UTC-4 or UTC-5) depending upon local day light savings times in when effect Virtual: