Nebraska Section Outstanding Member Achievement Award

Criteria: To recognize members of Nebraska Section who, through their professional or technical abilities, have made outstanding contributions to the section or the fellow professionals.  The achievement may include the development of new technical concepts, significant patents, development of new devices, development of applications, new designs, considerable cost reductions using known techniques, etc.

Nebraska Section Outstanding Service Award

Criteria: To recognize members of the Nebraska Section who, through their service have made outstanding and noteworthy contributions to the section, their communities, and fellow professionals. The award does not recognize a single service, but rather collective contributions complemented by singular works exemplifying IEEE objectives and attributes.

Nebraska Section Outstanding Industry Support Award

Criteria: To recognize an industry or employer in the Nebraska Section, who has given the section or its employees significant support.  The award recognizes contributions and works exemplifying IEEE’s objectives and attributes.

Nebraska Section Young Professional Achievement Award

Criteria: To recognize Young Professional members (YPs) through their professional or service achievements as a YP which have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of YP operations within Nebraska Section. The award will be based on a selection that recognizes individuals involved with YP activities, which are recognized for singular achievement in the development and completion of a project(s) or activity (ies) which are directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the Nebraska Section’s goals and objectives.

Young Professionals are defined as post-Student members who are within 15 years of receiving their first professional degree with an option to participate beyond the 15-year time span.

Member Recognition Categories

  • Certificate for judges (robotics, Science Fair, etc.)
  • Pins for 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year section members

Deadlines for Nebraska Section and Region 4 Awards Nomination

  • Deadline for Nebraska Section Award nomination: Annually, Apr 1
  • Deadline for Region 4 (R4) Award nomination: Nov 7, 2021
  • Deadline for R4 Award nomination of Nebraska Section members by Nebraska Section Award Committee: Oct 15, 2021

Nomination for Nebraska Section and Region 4 Awards

  • Nominations for R4 and Nebraska Section can be made by any section member, including an Xcom member.
  • For Nebraska Section Award, the nominator needs to list the activities of the nominee for the qualification, including at least one letter of support from another member for the nomination.  The nomination documents need to be submitted to IEEE Nebraska Section Awards and Recognition Portal. (Needs to be created)
  • For Region 4 awards, follow R4 Award Nomination Guidelines from the link:

Solicitation for Nomination 

  • Place an ad in the section newsletter
  • Sends an e-notice to the members one month and two weeks before the deadline
  • Add categories of the award and their criteria to the section website

Evaluation of the Nominees

  1. For Nebraska Section Awards
  • Nebraska Section Award Committee will meet and discuss each nominee and select the winner(s) based on meeting the award category criteria for which a member has been nominated.
  1. For Region 4 Award
    • The Region 4 Award and Recognition Committee will meet and select the qualification of the nominee for award.

Presentation of the Nebraska Section Awards

  • The Award Committee will present the award of all the Nebraska Section awardees during the Annual IEEE banquet in April.

Presentation of the Region 4 Awards

  • Region 4 will inform the nominee the place and date the award will be presented.