Gizmo Gang - First Lego League Team

Gizmo Gang is a group that received a grant donation from the IEEE Nebraska section in 2021. Below is an update from Gizmo Gang on their success.


At the regional competition they placed second and their project placed first for Global Innovation.

They are advancing to the State Competition.

The Innovation Project problem is to improve the transportation of cargo.

Gizmo Gang’s solution is to improve safety on the road by reducing the number of trucks on the road and reduce carbon emissions by transporting laundry detergent in bulk.

The innovative solution is the HAGL Dispenser and Tote System that dispenses detergent to the consumer using reusable jugs that consumers bring back to the store.

Hy-Vee sells 2 million 92 oz jugs of Tide detergent each year, the HAGL Dispenser and Tote System would result in 151 fewer trucks on the road each year and reduction of 122 tons of carbon each year. Each 330 gallon Cage Buster tote can be reused 40 times therefore each tote will divert 18,360 single used plastic jugs from the landfill.

Thank you IEEE for the Grant to make the working model of the HAGL Dispenser.