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Homi J Bhabha: His Life & Legacy

January 24 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm EST

Very little is known about the Indian Nuclear industry, particularly by the moden day society in the USA. Often viewed thru the lens of the Cold War (an incorrect perception by the way), over the last decade it has come to be known as a trust worthy nuclear partner and growing customer for western nuclear technology. The genesis of the current state of India’s nuclear energy strategy can be easily traced to Homi J Bhabha (HJB) who was a well known contemporary of the famous physicists and scientists of the 1930s – well before the outbreak of WW-II.

Soon after India gained her independance from the British empire in 1947, HJB pioneered a massive movement towards fundamental scientific, mathematical research in India and laid the foundations/ground work for its present day progress. Most current leaders of India’s nuclear industry were all hand picked by HJB and bought into his vision. To understand this more intimately, this talk will reflect on his life and contributions as well as briefly touch upon his vision. It is hoped that this presentation, will be help spark a future series of talks where we can learn better, how nuclear energy can potentially become a basis for the world’s energy needs.

This lecture also commenorates the anniversary of his demise (January 24, 1960)

Speaker(s): Sharan Kalwani,


5:30 PM – Welcome and Introductions, Chapter business update; break5:35 PM – Technical Talk/Presentation6:25 PM – Q & A; group Discussion7:00 PM – Wrap Up

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