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Advanced Vtools & other Features Training

March 2 @ 9:01 am - 11:01 am EST

In 2024 we offered ‘Officer Training’ to our ‘newly’ elected officers, veteran officers and volunteers; as well as any IEEE member, at any grade level or position. Our wish is to help all gain a fuller awareness of the communication and management skills used within the IEEE, how they function and how to employ them both as IEEE officers, and in your everyday work and life. These are referred to as ‘soft skills’ in that they are not based on the physical principles we all learned as we worked toward our engineering degrees. They are psychological, organizational, interpersonal and their training requires that they be ‘learned’ in two associated ways.

In this session, we will focus on advanced vtools and other features which we could not cover in the prior sessions. We will entertain all varieties of questions and ideas.

Note: Space for these classes is not like outer space, it is limited, so you must register to receive the necessary codes and passwords to attend.

Speaker(s): Sharan Kalwani

08:45 AM – Set up, introductions, (ON YOUR OWN) coffee/tea, mini muffins, croissants
09:00 AM – Start of Session
10:45 AM – End of formal session, start of Q&A, discussions, topics not covered by any other IEEE Geo-units
11:00 AM – Wrap Up


Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/406161