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2024 62nd Annual QCESC Engineers’ Week Banquet & STEM Celebration

February 22 @ 10:30 pm - February 23 @ 2:30 am

The QCESC STEM Celebration will be held on February 22, 2024 at The Bend Event Center in East Moline, IL.

Come join us to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) accomplishments from the community over the past year.

[Register Here](https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001fdeHPIkUuyb0W6oYR_fR3VJQdGjPXA6fsoA5_uJtpK0wDLMChSFWLYeOD5XdNWFPPw0rsoQ8I_K8PGPBIDIphTFA3v8P72FOEII_t5ndKoyyZzgXEp4rxuytWbqtqiCAaiT4uhSrk-iu38M4jVGp_snXcucOCDfk4WqPFcIXc6m478yeq7DgaMT2AbwO1fszMVNpVoFFAgACUTXQhZm4oSyilOsjAGtx-FHMHDNFa_NRIr_zqw_ZPllVSmofMvNl&c=b3gj0xPhCh2f6jvSWC6KJpzg-gcr3vpVQk8F8s98OqEC4kSFbBdobw==&ch=XkIn2eCqrc55rQaP9e1s6kmOqUD9uTbCSAU6xAdMdphD6rAXsMEalg==)

The 62nd Annual QCESC STEM Celebration will provide a great opportunity to network with others who are connected to STEM. It also showcases many of the great efforts and accomplishments of educators, professionals, and students in the region.

This annual event will award over 20 STEM scholarships to the top local high school seniors along with QCESC STEM awards for Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Societies, and Volunteers.

Co-sponsored by: Quad Cities Engineering and Science Council

– 4:30 – 5:45 PM – Networking and Social Hour with Cash Bar
– 6:00-8:15 – Program

– Sit-down dinner (food choices made at time of registration)
– Presentation of the 2024 STEM Scholarships
– Presentation of 2024 QCESC Awards
– Announcement of New Members of:

– The Pledge of the Computing Professionals

– Keynote Address
– Closing

For questions about the program, please reach out to President@qcesc.org

The Bend Event Center, 910 Bend Blvd , East Moline, Illinois, United States, 61244