The EMC chapter has been in Cedar Rapids Section since 2013 and was organized by Dale Svetanoff. The primary motivation for openning this chapter was to set up a means for working EMC engineers and technical people to have a networking and technical platform available to help them further their careers.

EMC Chair | Dale SvetanoffDale Svetanoff

Dale Svetanoff worked in telecommunications, medical and industrial electronics, RF shielding, and aerospace over his 44 year career. He was involved with EMC – related design and problem solving for more than 30 of those years. Companies included Lindgren RF Enclosures (now ETS-Lindgren) and Rockwell Collins, as well as several firms no longer in business. Dale is presently working as a Senior EMC Engineering consultant as part of his business, E-N-A Systems, LLC, located in Monticello, IA. Dale was appointed to be Chair of the IEEE EMC Society Standards Project of IEEE-Std-299-1997, as well as 299-2006. He was also an invited participant from industry in the writing of MIL-STD-188-124 and -125. In addition to his EMC-related activities, Dale is also an active seller on eBay of vintage electronic items, specializing in test and communications equipment. Dale has been a licensed Amateur Radio operator since 1962 and is currently Iowa Technical Coordinator for the ARRL, as well as the Jones County Emergency Coordinator for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

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