The Incredible Journey of Voyager 1 into Interstellar Space

Co-sponsored by CRIEEE Communications Society
 -RESCHEDULED- to October 28st @ 6pm @ The Cedar Rapids Public Library

Topic: The 37-Year Journey of Voyager 1 and Its Discoveries

From its launch on Sept. 5, 1977 from Cape Canaveral aboard a Titan-Centaur rocket, 16 days after its twin (Voyager 2), it has journeyed first to Jupiter (Mar. 5, 1979) and then Saturn (Nov. 12, 1980). Using a boost from Saturn’s gravity, it started on a trajectory out of the solar system (above the ecliptic plane). On Aug. 25, 2012 it crossed the heliopause and entered interstellar space – the first spacecraft to do so. The U. of Iowa instrument made the crucial measurements that showed the spacecraft had entered interstellar space. Come and hear more about this fascinating mission from an interesting and engaging speaker.

Details: Open to the public, free admission, Q & A period after the presentation

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